Our Commitment

To The Open Source Community

We make this commitment to the open source community: we promise that any product we release will be open sourced when possible, and when not possible, will be free-to-use. Furthermore, we commit to supporting the Free Software Foundation and Electronic Frontier Foundation and all of the vital work that they do for the internet and open source communities.

To Our Users

We make this commitment to our users: any product that we release will have the same quality that you would expect from a similar proprietary/commercial product.

To Our Community

We make this commitment to our community: we will always be there to listen to your concerns and value your input and suggestions.

To Our Contributors

We make this commitment to our contributors: you will always be appreciated, valued, and cherished for the time you commit to improving or extending our products. When you speak, we will listen, and your passion for open source will be shared.